Back in Boston. Booking Shows, and Telling New Jokes.


I am just about all settled in back in Beantown. It has been a long few months away from the stage and I have tons of new jokes to test out on unsuspecting strangers up and down the East Coast this Summer. If anybody has leads on open mics or comedy clubs I might not have reached out to yet feel free to let me know. See you all soon. 🙂

The Move East

Heading out on the road tomorrow. Los Angeles to Boston in 5 days with good people along the way. LA has been kind to me over the past seven years but it is time for a fresh change, a new start, and a crap ton of East Coast shows this summer. Lock up you’re microphone’s East Coast, I’m still gonna get my hands on them. See you soon.COMEDY TOUR 4 (2.7.2015)

Upcoming Shows

February 22 @FlappersComedy          Burbank, CA 9PM

March 9 @ Back Alley Draft House     Albuquerque, NM 7PM

March 11 @TBA                                       Nashville, TN

March 12 @TBA                                      Washington, DC

Club Clear Los Angeles 2014